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Ayurvedic Hair serum

Ayurvedic Hair serum

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Ayurvedic hair growth serum:

Non-Oily & Non-Sticky Daily Hair Revitalizer

100% Natural Actives

Regulates hair fall and helps lessen hair breakage. Helps rejuvenate damaged hair, strengthens hair roots & follicles.
Non sticky hair serum: Quick absorbing & non-greasy formula easily penetrates into scalp to strengthen hair roots
Naturally conditions hair: Hair serum for hair growth nurtures and controls dryness in your hair, making it lustrous, dark and shiny.
Tames hair and controls frizz: The hair serum for men and women helps smoothen hair and makes it manageable
Backed by ayurvedic hair experts: 100% safe and effective customized Ayurvedic products formulated by Ayurvedic Doctors. Silicone, Paraben and Sulphate Free

Suitable for all hair types.

Suitable for daily use.

How to apply : 
Apply a generous amount using the dropper directly to your scalp in the area of hair loss or simply on your hair .Massage into scalp using fingertips. Rinse hands after.

When to use : 
We recommend applying the HAIR Serum every night before going to bed as that gives the serum enough time to work as you sleep.

Use it over a period of 3 months for significant results. Continue thereafter for a continued nutrition.

Base – Aloe Vera Juice, Phenoxyethanol, Fragrance.

Herbal Composition – Each 10ml contains: Bhringraj* 300mg, Brahmi* 200mg, Hibiscus* 200mg, Amla* 150mg, Behada* 150mg, Curry Leaf* 150mg, Harad* 150mg, Henna* 100mg, Indigo* 100mg, Fenugreek* 50mg, Holy Basil* 50mg, Jatamansi* 50mg, Khus 50mg, Manjishta* 50mg, Neem* 50mg, Yashtimadhu* 50mg.



  • Benefits

    ○ Helps promote hair growth

    ○ Quick absorbing and light feel

    ○ Controls dandruff and hair fall

    ○ Soothes common scalp disorders

    ○ Strengthens hair to limit breakage

    ○ Protects from environmental damage



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